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These are art that need favourit-ing. You may see a pattern where I favourite many things at once... that's when I go on new obssessions. And also, I'm a favourite ninja (as a stamp I favourited says in that mess I call my favourites) So i tend to get on a favourite roll where I fave everything!
PS: I spell it 'favourite' because I follow British Spellings




Gold. by Garnette1601
//when everything is gold, who cares about the carats?//
(song: Gold by Macklemore)
FireAlpaca, 6 hours
I asked her to push me off and she looked at me with pity. I stared back with pity.
She asked me if I wanted to see the world and I said, “no, never, don’t even try to show me.”
And she asked me why and I said, “whatever the world is, I don’t want any of it.’
‘Why not.’
‘I don’t want to just do what God has set for me, I don’t want to live like that.’
She told me that everything we did was what God set for us and that was the only option to live.
‘Then I don’t want to live.’
She asked me why I hadn’t killed myself.
‘Because my brother did that, and I mean I don’t want to follow him around like some pest. He killed himself and he threw away his train ticket so it’s the least I could do to give it value by keeping in in my pocket. Nah. I have to use my ticket yeah.’
She told me I made no sense.
‘I never pretended to, but God meant for me to be like this… right? Isn’t that your belief? I am of God, from God, because of God, I am only some glance at a cottage when you're speeding 110 kmph down a highway and no one ever thinks about that cottage, nah?’
She asked why I called myself a cottage. Why not a palace.
‘I don’t know. I assume it’s because I can lower expectations, and who doesn’t want that? But mostly I think I'm half waiting to be called “classic” and then have nothing expected from me and have it all over with so that I can just sit and count bricks for a while.’
She told me I was cynical.
‘Far from it, I see the world in full-colour. That includes everything.’
‘That isn’t colour I see, that’s just moss growing on the wall.’
‘My moss is still my colour. It’s brighter green than your money.’
She scoffed.
She told me I was dying slowly. I thanked her. After she pushed me off the cliff I never saw her again. But I should’ve thanked her, I had realized by the time I was already half-water and half-wind, I should’ve thanked her for the colours. Damn. The colours. I should’ve thanked her for the blue that claimed my skin and the white that brushed my hair and the golden that kissed my feet before swirling around me and I realized I was drowning. I should’ve thanked her for that, too. A lifetime of never dying never living and I found myself simultaneously doing both. I should’ve thanked her. I should’ve thanked her when I breathed out red into the blue. I never did, though. But hey. She took my train ticket. I thanked her for that. I told myself I did. I never wanted it, I realized. I wanted to sit in the cottage and not speed down a highway at 110 kmph because hell, I enjoyed the colour.
Till the moment the red swept my eyes down, I enjoyed the colour.
i dont know what this is. i just started and then kept going. 


Garnette1601's Profile Picture
call me Garnette.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I go by Garnette.

I like to think I’m a word-bender. You see the people on Avatar and The Legend of Korra bend water, fire, earth or air? I bend words. That’s what I do. I love unravelling words, twisting words, I love the meanings hiding between the lines, I love it all.

I am writing right now. It’s a novel. It’s not something I’m 100% sure of, but how many authors are these days?

The fandoms I’m in (that’s what really matters here, isn’t it?):

Marvel, ATLA, LOK, Supernatural, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Ender’s Game, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, the Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Nightvale and I’m a nerd fighter… I’m having trouble remembering them all because there are so many of them.

My ships:

Makorra (a:legendofkorra), Harurin (free!), Swarkles (howimetyourmother), Dramione (harrypotter)(au), Destiel (spn), Zutara (a:tla), Grevia (fairytail), Ness (newgirl), ferriswheelship (pokemon)(OTP), SaruNasu (naruto), Cecilos (nightvale. They’re so damn cute!)

I am also a big fan of nigahiga. And I’m a Ravenclaw. And I’m a girl. And I’m more obsessed with tumblr than healthy.

Oh, art.

art art art.

What can I say about the little characters that apparate from the tips of my pencils, onto books, desks and everything I touch?

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