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These are art that need favourit-ing. You may see a pattern where I favourite many things at once... that's when I go on new obssessions. And also, I'm a favourite ninja (as a stamp I favourited says in that mess I call my favourites) So i tend to get on a favourite roll where I fave everything!
PS: I spell it 'favourite' because I follow British Spellings



But evil isn’t bad, the way that selfish isn’t evil.

You see me and you call me “good” with reassurance of my nature—you approve of it. You think I live to help others. But living to help others, however much it may be easily approved of, doesn’t help me. It gives me warmth once in a while, yes, but let’s say I have a chance to take care of myself, and a chance to take care of you.

If I take care of you, then I am good. If I take care of myself, then I am bad. They’re black and white filters on your vision that make you think that you can think. If you never let yourself see grey, you won’t have reason to suspect it ever existed. In this way you confine yourself to kennels that don’t fit you, and you swear to me it’s good. It makes you pure. Things are either good or they’re bad and there’s no confusion. Of course there’s no confusion. How can you be confused about it when you refuse to acknowledge it whatsoever?

Every time I choose to take care of you over myself, I am slowly killing myself. And you reassure me that helping others is what’s keeping me alive, even though I’m so sure it’s what’s poisoning me from inside out. I have lived too long helping others. I have loved too much and now I am suffering from all this love and help and kindness.

I choose to take care of myself

And you see this as selfishness, as the point where I took a wrong turn, but I see it as it is; soft monotones of colour brushing up my sleeves. Because selfish isn’t bad any more than helping others; what I’m trying to say is neither of them are good or bad. Selfish isn’t me deciding to bury you into the earth upon which you stamp your feet, it’s me choosing not to let myself sink into the earth upon which I am currently fixated. Selfish is a type of love, but it’s not a love that you receive, and so it falls into the bad pile.

And this makes me wonder. I love myself, and I choose myself, and I am selfish, but how am I bad? I am the one who’s keeping me alive, only me, because God put me into my skin for a reason. He in no way gave you the reigns over whether I live or die. You, however, don’t love my love the way I am so in love with my own love. You criticize me for my selfishness? For trying to protect my clay soul from this chisel world? Wouldn’t you then fall into the bad pile as well? You expect me to live only to serve into your soul, well, wouldn’t that make you evil?

And I tried to say all this to you, I truly did. I know you love me, but your love can never measure up to the kind of love I give myself. That comes from only me. Me, me. I’m the only one who knows the 2am whispers that seep down my pillows. I’m the only one who can count the stolen glances at stolen people. I’m the only one who keeps track of rejected meals that are currently making brown paper seas in my fridge, that’s all me. And then there’s the same to be said about you. I cannot hope to love you enough to know the tremor in your lip when you hear those words. I can never love you enough to be able to understand the purpose resigned to the change that sits at the bottom of your purse. Because only you can love yourself that way. I cannot ever do so.

You may continue to call me selfish as if it’s a bad thing. I will continue to describe it just as it is; the only thing keeping me alive.
selfish by Garnette1601

"You may continue to call me selfish as if it’s a bad thing. I will continue to describe it just as it is; the only thing keeping me alive."

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(Contains: violence/gore)
but i didn't slit my wrists to kill myself, and you fail to comprehend this. nah, it wasn't like that. i was just sitting on your front porch one day, listening to your music, mad at you, and i remember feeling like the colours of the sunset would be better suited to your flesh and your skin, and from there i trailed onto thoughts of arson, but i realized fire couldn't burn you, so i decided to destroy the one thing that mattered to you.
i didn't slit my wrists to kill myself. i'm not that self-absorbed. i did it because i knew it'd kill you more than it ever could kill me.
if every breath she takes is a ripple on my skin,
let her distort my fibres freely;
let her rewrite my bones with her whispers.
i would forget everything i know,
if you said you could teach me again.
Too young, too short breathed,
Icarus flies among dreams-
With each flap in his wings throwing twists and turns
Down his spine.
A mad blaze of heat and craze,
He is sunshine, he is light
Light to fall.
His own hot heart claims him;
It sells him to the ground, silenced forevermore.
Some days I feel like I am Icarus
My bones full of mad fire and my hair of wind
And to all the world I am
Inevitably sailing head first into liquid flames
In a burst of beauty and rage.
But you, you are the silent tempest below,
You are the earth ever calling my feet
Ever straightening this spine,
This bent, wiry figure.
Throwing crisp breaths into my origami wings
With you there is no fire sprinkled on my skin
No rage, no dying fury,
No need to die in beautiful tears' worth of stories.
No wind tearing through me.
With you, Icarus lives.

~I. Khasru


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call me Garnette.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I go by Garnette.

I bend words. That’s what I do. I love unravelling words, twisting words, I love the meanings hiding between the lines.

my time belongs to the words I bend, and any time that I can capture on a canvas- whether digital or traditional.

quotes are my sanctuary.

my time also belongs to:

Marvel, ATLA, LOK, Noragami, the Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, Naruto, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, the Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Welcome to Nightvale
and I’m a nerd fighter
and I'm a Psychic and Water type pokemon trainer
and I'm a Ravenclaw
and I'm a Dauntless
and I'm here.

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